Reverend Violet Eastman, Interim Minister.

Violet or Vi, which she prefers to be called, grew up in Fryeburg. Her parents were Edward and Clara Mills.

“My family has lived in Fryeburg for generations. The Fryeburg Congregational Church was always a vital part of our lives growing up. Minister Baker was our pastor when I was young. Like my siblings before me, I was baptized and confirmed here. Beverly, Roger, Jean, Clayton, Carlton, Rose Ann, and I all attended Fryeburg Schools and our beloved local church. Jean, Rose Ann, and I were married here. Church Choir, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Pilgrim Lodge, Summer Suppers, The Guild, and Youth Group were many of the activities we shared growing up.”

Violet is married to Peter Eastman, son of the late Conrad and Sarah Eastman, also from Fryeburg. They have one son, Jeb. He lives in Lincoln, Maine with his spouse, Morgan. They have four children, Patrick, Daegan, Kyla and Delyla.

“The Fryeburg Congregational Church is a beautiful church with a rich history but it is also my family’s home church. And after all these years, it still feels like home. Peter and I feel so welcomed and accepted and loved and I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve the church where I first came to know God and where my family has always worshipped. My calling is in rural ministry; serving and helping small churches in small communities. I like to tell a joke first thing on Sunday and my messages, from the Call to Worship to the Benediction revolve around God’s message of Love and Redemption through Jesus, Christ, Our Lord. My messages and sermons are always heartfelt and come from my deep faith background and a long life of experiences.”

Violet received her undergraduate degrees from the University of Southern Maine, with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Art History. She received her Master of Divinity and later did her Doctor of Ministry Studies at Bangor Theological Seminary.

“I am here for my church family. I am not here to be the boss or to tell them what is right or wrong with our church. I am here to love and support them faithfully and earnestly as we come together as a family of faith. My husband, Peter, is a loving and supportive spouse. He sings in the choir, has taught Sunday School, helped out in church nurseries, with suppers, youth group, applying a fresh coat of paint where needed, planting flowers and shrubs, and with anything else when he is needed. This is a loving and giving church and we are already having such fun together.”